Call for nominations – SAA Archival Innovator Award

Know an archivist or institution who is contributing to the profession in creative or innovative ways? Think they should be recognized for their innovative work? Then nominate them for the SAA Archival Innovator Award!

Deadline: February 28, 2020

Purpose and Criteria for Selection:

Created in 2011, this award recognizes an individual archivist, a group of archivists, a repository, or an organization that demonstrates significant impact on the archives profession or within their communities. Nominations will be assessed for the following criteria:

·       Creativity or innovation in approaching professional challenges.

·       Demonstrated ability to think outside of professional or institutional norms.

·       Ability to translate creativity, innovation, and new thinking into working solutions.

·       Development of an archives program or outreach activity that has an extraordinary impact on a community.

·       Commitment to the advancement of professional knowledge through traditional or emerging information-sharing media.


Presented to an archivist, group of archivists, repository, or organization for work undertaken within the past three years. The work need not be completed, but it must be sufficiently advanced to demonstrate results. Unsuccessful nominations from previous years are welcome!

To make a nomination, complete the form at: