Membership Information

The NYAC Board of Trustees has instituted memberships dues of $15.00 per year, in order to keep its mailing list up to date, to remain a membership organization for 501(c)(3) tax exemption purposes, and to keep an accurate count of members for insurance purposes. Previously, NYAC had incorporated in order to decrease the liability of board members and officers when making local arrangements for conferences and to permit regularization of financial and banking procedures. The constitution and by-laws reflect as much as possible the traditional informality of NYAC. Traditionally, membership in NYAC has been based on attendance at an annual meeting. A single attendance put a person’s name on NYAC’s mailing list for a long time, resulting in a cumbersome list with many out-of-date addresses.

The membership year will coincide with the fiscal year of NYAC, from July through June. The annual meeting registration fee will include the membership dues (currently $15.00). For people unable to attend the annual meeting, membership dues should be sent to the NYAC treasurer to ensure receipt of the following year’s program. If, by some strange chance, a member pays the annual dues prior to conference registration in a given year, his or her registration will be reduced accordingly.

If you wish to remain a member of NYAC but will not be attending this year’s conference, send $15 along with your name and address to

Bridget Bower, NYAC Treasurer
Library, Ithaca College,
1201 Gannett Center
Ithaca, NY 14850-7060